Minnesota Bans Free Online Courses

The Heritage Foundation has another post up about the anti-freedom crazies in Minnesota who want to ban free online education. Here’s an excerpt:

Almost as heartbreaking as burning books, a move by the Minnesota Office of Higher Education will rank among those incomprehensible moments in human history when we seem to be handicapping ourselves for no reason.

Lifelong learners, students wanting supplemental courses, professionals, and Americans across the country interested in enrolling in physics, history, music, and a variety of other courses can do so for free from the open-source provider Coursera. But Minnesota has just informed its residents that they are now prohibited by law from furthering their own education for free through courses offered on Coursera by the likes of Stanford, Duke, Princeton, and more than a dozen other universities.

Included in the article is this:

Online learning is, to quote education experts Terry Moe and John Chubb, the “single biggest change in education since the printing press.” Johannes Gutenberg—the father of that printing press—probably shed tears the first time he learned of a book burning. This most recent restriction of access to knowledge should likewise distress us all.

Click here to read the entire post at the Heritage Foundation website.