Mitt Romney’s Deception – His Stealth Promotion of ‘Gay Rights’ and ‘Gay Marriage’ in Massachusetts

A press release from Amy Contrada:

WALTHAM, Mass., Aug. 10, 2011 — The newly released book “Mitt Romney’s Deception” by Massachusetts researcher and activist Amy Contrada is a thorough history of the former Governor’s shocking (but under-reported) record on “gay rights” and “gay marriage” in Massachusetts.

The book details Romney’s promises to homosexual activists, his resulting promotion of “gay rights” and unconstitutional implementation of “gay marriage,” and his support for sexual-radical programs in the Massachusetts schools. The outrages Romney failed to halt set horrible precedents for radical leftist victories nationwide. Contrary to his claim that he defended marriage, the Constitution, traditional values, and religious freedom, he actually undermined them.

In addition, the book places Romney’s actions within the broader history of how “gay marriage” and the homosexual agenda in the schools came to Massachusetts — and ultimately to the rest of the country. It is a unique resource written by a pro-family activist on the frontlines of the culture war in Massachusetts.

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Contrada’s research will prove invaluable in evaluating Mitt Romney as a Presidential candidate. Focusing on the issue of “gay rights,” Contrada documents his largely untold history as Governor. During those years (2003-2006), Romney:

  • Worked closely with homosexual activists and pro-gay rights advisors
  • Implemented “gay marriage” through his executive departments without legislative authorization, violating the Massachusetts Constitution
  • Pushed a constitutional amendment strategy doomed to failure, and ignored the call to remove the activist judges who ruled for “gay marriage”
  • Funded and promoted GLBT indoctrination in the public schools through his “Governor’s Commission on Gay and Lesbian Youth,” and his Department of Education “Safe Schools” programs
  • Undermined religious freedom, failing to defend Catholic Charities in the “homosexual adoptions” fiasco
  • Continued or implemented radical homosexual and transgender programs in his executive departments

The book covers gubernatorial candidate Romney’s refusal to support the original 2001 Massachusetts constitutional amendment to define marriage as one man and one woman (which the Legislature refused to vote on). It details the tainted Goodridge “gay marriage” ruling, the attempted “civil union” constitutional amendment by the Legislature (supported by Gov. Romney), the constitutional issues which were purposefully ignored, the grassroots effort to remove the judges, the “gay marriage” training sessions for Justices of the Peace and Town Clerks, the watered-down VoteOnMarriage amendment, what really happened with the Catholic Charities adoption issue (it’s not what the media reported), and everything in between. The in-fighting, the shameful collapse of the conservative movement, and the treachery by so-called “conservative” leaders is all covered.

“Mitt Romney’s Deception” is a superbly documented, 640-page history with numerous photos and over 900 detailed endnotes. It is available at Amazon or through

Amy Contrada holds a B.A. summa cum laude (Tufts University), an M.A.T. (Brown University), a Diploma in Violin Making, and attended Oberlin Conservatory. She is a 40-year resident of Massachusetts. Since 2004, she has been a researcher, reporter, writer, and blogger for the pro-family organization MassResistance.

Her recent interviews on the book include: “Point of View” radio (USA Radio Network), Dr. Michael Brown’s “Line of Fire”, WorldNetDaily, the Bob Enyart Show (KGOV Denver), and Jeff Katz on Talk1200 Boston.

For more information: 781-890-6001.