More Millennials Are Losing Faith in the Country, and No One in Politics is Pushing Back Against the Malaise

EIB NetworkWhat I wish I could communicate to Rush Limbaugh and his brother David is that Republicans and conservatives have NEVER KNOWN HOW TO PUSH BACK. If it weren’t for the activists in the pro-life and pro-2nd Amendment groups we would’ve seen ZERO progress. In case you missed the recent poll, by the way, there are more social conservatives than economic conservatives. My point in mentioning that is the GOP/et al have had 25 years since Ronald Reagan to get their act together even regarding selling limited government and free market economics have and they have not.

From Rush’s website from back in August:

RUSH: At the end of yesterday’s program, in the final hour — by the way, the final hour of yesterday’s program might be worth your while to go to and revisit and listen to it and read the transcripts.  We spent a lot of time in that hour focusing on Millennials, that maximum age 30 right now.  These are people who, in 2008, bought hook, line, and sinker the entire Obama message of hope and change, transformation, utopia, perfection, the end of everything bad, and the beginning of everything good.  And of course none of that has worked out.  It’s just the opposite.

And there is this sweeping, I keep using the word malaise or the word depression, but there may be a more accurate way to describe this.  There’s just a nothingness out there.  There doesn’t seem to be anything solid, foundational that you can rely on to reverse course, to turn this around.  I made the observation yesterday, while attempting to speak positively.  Because, by the way, I do not think that’s unjustified, or Pollyannish.  There’s every reason in the world to be optimistic, as Americans.  There’s every reason in the world not to fall prey to what the left wants people to fall prey to and that’s giving up, not using initiative.

I mean, there’s guilt associated with success.  There’s guilt with driving a car instead of riding a bicycle.  There’s guilt with anything about success or prosperity.  And even when you get it, one of the points I made yesterday, I know a lot of people that are very successful, they’ve worked very hard to get there, even they don’t feel like they thought they would feel as they were working towards it, even they are not robustly happy because it just doesn’t seem right.  And a lot of people can’t put their finger on what is wrong.

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