More Scenes from the Passing Madness

CultureWatchFrom Bill Muehlenberg:

The downward spiral of Western civilization is reaching fever-pitch, with so many new examples of cultural decline and social suicide that one wonders if we are not going to hit rock bottom any second now. Things really cannot go down the tubes much further one would think.

To simply chronicle all this moonbattery would take an entire team of scribes working full time. It is hard to keep up with it all. Thus here I can only mention very briefly a number of new examples, and simply allow the cumulative effect to make its mark.

So let me offer another five hair-raising cases, beginning with the land of fruit and nuts: California: “The state of California is reportedly considering legislation that would force group insurance policies to provide infertility treatment for gay and lesbian couples.

“Two men who have sex with each other for a year and do not produce a baby would be considered ‘infertile’ under the proposed legislation. So would two women having sex. Since biology does not allow those without a uterus to conceive or those without a penis to impregnate, every year-long gay couple in California would potentially be covered by this new provision of California law.

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