“More Than 3 in 5 New Young Mothers Unwed in 2011, Census Says”

BloombergThe fruits of idiotic liberalism. From Bloomberg:

“More than 60 percent of new mothers in their early 20s aren’t married,” according to Bloomberg.com’s coverage of a U.S. Census Bureau report. This report, says Bloomberg , which details information from 2011, “underscores concern about the well-being of the nation’s young children.”

Of new mothers, only 32 percent in the ages 25-29 were still single, and only 17 percent of new mothers in their 30s were unmarried. The study also finds difference by race, with almost 68 percent of new African-American mothers, 26 percent of white mothers, and 11 percent of new Asian mothers being unmarried.

Bloomberg cautions that “The high rate of children born to young, unwed mothers is significant because the parents are more likely to have less education and have lower incomes than married families.” We have good cause to be concerned, as children in single-mother homes tend to fare more poorly on almost all indicators of achievement than do children in stable, mother-father families. Research demonstrates, in fact, that young mothers can be very prepared for motherhood, if and only if they have a husband in the house.

(Frank Bass, More Than 3 in 5 New Young Mothers Unwed in 2011, Census Says, Bloomberg.com, May 1, 2013.)