Morning Greatness: War-Enthusiast Freaks on Fire Over Syria

By Liz Sheld:

The pro-war globalist coalition is literally on FIRE because President Trump announced the U.S. was pulling out of Syria, leaving it available for Turkey to move in and annex the northern part of the country. The unfortunate part of that move is that the U.S.’s Kurdish allies will be in danger. If Turkey plans to invade northern Syria, what can we do? Turkey is a member of garbage organization NATO and we are obligated to side with NATO members. The Kurds are not part of that treaty, it’s a bad situation all around.

So my question to all these blood thirsty war lovers who are melting down: how many Americans should die in a battle with Turkey? It’s not even clear the U.S. can fight against Turkey for the Kurds because of our NATO alliance. Will you sign up your children and family members to head on over to get blown to pieces or shot up? Of course not. The war coalition’s kids work for Google, Facebook or the N.B.A, they don’t go into the military. Now I am not a foreign policy expert but I can judge by the people opposing the president’s decision that he is probably right to GTFO of that hot mess.

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