The MSM Is Right: There Is a Racist Party in America

Here is Tom Trinko writing at American Thinker about something way too few Americans know — it’s the Democratic Party that’s racist:

The mainstream media (MSM) are right. There is a political party today that has racism as a core value and is working incessantly to keep blacks down. It’s the Democratic Party.  Of course, since Democrat politicians never say what they really believe, most Democrat voters aren’t aware they’re supporting racism.

Like their predecessors who fought a war to keep slavery legal, who founded the KKK, who passed the Jim Crow laws, who fought for school segregation, and who opposed the Civil Rights Act of 1964, modern Democrat politicians are constantly working to ensure that blacks be poor, ignorant, and totally dependent on the government.

Slave-owning Democrats believed that blacks were not really smart enough to run their own lives.

Modern Democrat talking heads constantly declare that in a country where Japanese Americans could go from Democrat-mandated prison camps to having one of the highest per household incomes in America, without Democrat help, blacks somehow can’t manage to do anything. It’s the same paternalistic attitude that earlier Democrats used to justify slavery.

Of course, the new slavery is different from the old: instead of picking cotton for hours in the blazing sun, modern blacks only have to vote Democrat, settle for unsafe neighborhoods, and be willing to live with the fact that their children will never get a decent education.

Charter schools and private schools have proven that they can educate black inner-city children. Black parents go to extreme lengths to get their kids in those schools because blacks love their kids, too. Yet Democrat politicians are constantly opposing those schools, and the idea of school choice, because they apparently care more about the millions the teacher unions pour into Democrat coffers than they do about black children getting a decent education.

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