This much is clear: The left values illegal immigrants over American citizens

By Patricia McCarthy:

What has brought America nearly to the point at which the California attorney general, Xavier Becerra, is threatening businesses who cooperate with federal immigration authorities? If business-owners give information about possibly illegal employees, they will be subject to a $10,000 fine.

Because Gov. Brown has declared California a sanctuary state, Becerra has proclaimed that helping ICE is a violation of the law. Senators Feinstein and Harris are supporting Becerra’s dictate.

. . .

The left favors nullifying American immigration law because Democrats need the millions of underclass voters who are bound to be dependent upon them. Who else will vote for them? Surely not the American citizens who live by the law, who revere the Constitution and do not want their country transformed by the influx of unassimilable immigrants. They know what has happened to Germany, to Sweden, to the Netherlands.

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