National Religious Broadcasters: A Discussion on Homosexuality and the Church (Video)

As debate rages across the country over same-sex “marriage,” churches and denominations are caught in the controversy.

God’s amazing grace is efficient to save any and all who will receive it, no matter the sins committed. But it is not a cheap grace, it was bought with a price.

And CAN a person be a true follower of Christ should they choose to ignore the plainly evident teachings of the Bible?

Talk show host Janet Parshall aptly moderated this interesting discussion on homosexuality and the Church between Dr. Michael Brown, ex-gay Anne Paulk of Restored Hope Network, Justin Lee, Executive Director of The Gay Christian Network, and Brandan Robertson, formerly the Program Director for Evangelicals For Marriage Equality.

The video is lengthy, but well worth your time.

Janet starts with a question, “Is anyone on this panel saying that we are opposed to someone who deals with the issue of same-sex attractions attending an Evangelical, Bible-believing church?”

She goes on to define Evangelical for the sake of the conversation:

…a Bible-believing, Christ-affirming church that believes in salvation by grace through faith because of Jesus Christ.

Michael Brown added:

One thing I’d clarify in that. Being Evangelical is moral and credal. In other words, it’s not simply a matter of I believe this, but I also believe in a certain moral standard. So I would say that if we want to be Evangelical in the historic sense that has been used for decades now, we’re not we’re not just talking about believing in biblical fundamentals, but also affirming biblical morality.

A hearty conversation ensues, in an atmosphere of genuine intellectual and theological curiosity, and mutual respect.

This, Church, is how we win hearts and minds.

The Word of God does not change. His principles and attributes and nature do not change. God is full of grace and mercy and love, but is also a Holy God who cannot abide sin.

We must temper our arguments with grace and love, remembering always an eternal soul is in the balance.

This is not just about winning debates, or even culture wars — though they be mightily important.

This is about the eternal destination of human souls. We had better be prayerful and up to the task.