National Review Hoists White Flag, Defiantly Rows To Outcast Island

A good friend sent me a terrific article about the NR Trump-bashing issue — here’s a bit of it — follow the link and read the entire thing — it’s worth your time:

The [above] cover delighted Jeb Bush.

But the real winner was The Donald. He got another news cycle out of the deal, and gets to shed conservative baggage at the same time. True, he lost 22 votes there, but Mona Charen and Ed Meese were never going to vote for him.

However, I am not saying the race is over. Ted Cruz is hanging in there, and Marco Rubio still has a shot at it. I am not calling this race for anyone. Let me make that clear.

But the editors at the National Review are.

This is a White Flag edition that shows the people at the National Review now believe the Republican presidential race has become a referendum on Donald Trump — which is exactly what he wants it to be. In a field of 17 candidates, The Donald rose to the top. He is the only one anyone talks about. That has been the case since June 16, 2015, when he entered the race. The magazine cover is a tribute to his success, and a concession of defeat because those writers — from Glenn Beck to Cal Thomas — have been through too many presidential elections not to be able to see and read the handwriting on the wall.

All summer and fall and winter, everyone at The Weekly Standard and the National Review screamed to conservatives that Donald Trump is not a conservative.

Guess what? That’s fine. This year many conservative voters don’t care. Certainly moderates and liberals don’t.

It is not that these conservatives are sellouts, or stupid, or mesmerized by a carnival barker, or racist, or whatever other label that conservative writers in Washington, D.C., wish to pin upon those who dare have the nerve to support someone who is not a conservative.

Let us look at this from a conservative voter’s perspective. Not a conservative pundit, who gets paid win, lose or draw.

This time, many conservatives just want the wall built. Trump has not always been pro-life and pro-guns, but he is now and that is what counts. He also is unapologetically politically incorrect, to the point of being rude, but being polite has not gotten conservatives a damned thing. Trump is bringing Democrats, independents and unregistered people into the party. Losing just to meet some conservative purity test is a luxury Republicans no longer can afford.

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