National Review and the Information War

Sometime in the early to mid 1980s I subscribed to the National Review. Sometime later I cancelled my subscription because I couldn’t keep up and got too busy to read enough of the magazine to justify the subscription.

While I’ve always appreciated their work, during the past year especially I’ve come to realize just how ignorant the editors and contributors are over at “NRO” to the fact that we’ve been losing the information war for decades.

Nevertheless, as I’ve also written, the best course of action is to forgive them for their ignorance. And guys like Williamson and French have been among the nuttiest.

Why? Because they continue to produce important analysis. Here were just two recent examples:

For Immigrants, the Melting Pot Isn’t Comfortable, but It Works

Consider the thousand-plus Somali refugees in Amarillo, Texas.

The jokes came pretty quick, and I was quick to join in: A gunman at a Walmart in Amarillo? He’ll be lucky if he lives long enough for the police to show up. As it turns out, he lived that long, but not much longer: A SWAT officer killed him before he could injure anybody. People on Twitter joked: At least we can be pretty sure it’s not a jihadist. How many angry Muslims could there be in Amarillo? These people don’t know Amarillo, which has one of the largest populations of refugees relative to its population of any city in the country, the largest by some estimates. They are mainly Somali, Burmese, and Iraqi, and many are employed in nearby slaughterhouses and meat-packing facilities. The feedlots there are something to see: cattle all the way to the horizon. If you’ve heard of “factory farming,” this is the Pontiac of beef.

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The Orlando Shooting Launches a War on Christianity

Somehow, Omar Mateen’s massacre has put American Christians on the defensive.

We are now fully through the looking glass. A Muslim man walked into a gay nightclub and gunned down 49 men and women, most of them gay or lesbian. He paused in the middle of his massacre to call 911 and a local television station, making clear that he wanted the world to know he had pledged allegiance to ISIS. There are no dog whistles here. This is a textbook example of jihadism in action, plain and simple.

Yet somehow, Omar Mateen’s massacre has put American Christians on the defensive.

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Image credit: The National Review email.