National Review to Endorse Hillary?

The above title is from a satire piece posted at American Thinker by Mike Stopa — it’s excerpted below — I think it’s pretty funny.

First, a comment about Ted Cruz leaving the race yesterday.

It would have been way too much work to keep track of all of the predictions of how Trump was going to fail to get the GOP nomination. And they never stopped coming. Here was what one expert wrote just last week after explaining how Trump’s wildly successful sweep of five states didn’t matter:

The month of May is going to be a death march for Donald Trump.

He’s not going to win Indiana. Trust me on this one. Internals matter, public polling (as we have witnessed over and over again since January) does not.

Now we’ll be subjected to a never-ending string of articles about how Trump can’t win the general election.

So many people I admire melted down during these past ten months — I wrote about it a few times — see the links found at the end of my most recent post on the topic.

Here is the promised excerpt from the post by Mike Stopa:

– Satire –

Word is out that the National Review, known as the soul of intellectual conservatism since its founding 60 years ago by conservative icon William F. Buckley Jr., is planning to endorse Hillary Clinton for President. According to a possibly informed source claiming to be close to the magazine’s editorial board and demanding anonymity, assuming that businessman Donald Trump is crowned the Republican nominee at the upcoming convention in Cleveland, National Review will release a special issue which is already in preparation (see cover illustration) emblazoned with “We’re Ready Now!” echoing the “Ready for Hillary” campaign slogan.

The issue, which parallels the infamous “Against Trump” broadside the Review published in January, will feature 22 distinguished conservative writers and thinkers (see below) arguing that Mrs. Clinton is not a candidate as antithetical to conservatism as she has been portrayed.

The source at the magazine added that while the wealthy supporters of the National Review have, for reasons of raw self-interest, pushed the against-Trump message at the publication (and several others), nevertheless the editors are all organically aligned with that message on their own. Speaking in a soft voice the source said: “Look, these people have psychologically painted themselves into a corner anyway. They didn’t need any big bucks to tell them to take this final leap.”

Inquiries for comment from the editors and the publisher of the National Review have gone unanswered.

JFB I have to say the funniest part is the fake table of contents. Read the entire satire at American Thinker.

Image credit: American Thinker