Neil Cavuto: Are Republicans ‘Ignoring’ Venues That Reach More Voters?

Dispatches3In this post — instead of me harping on the need for Republicans and conservatives to learn how to shift into outreach mode — I’ll let Neil Cavuto, host of the Fox News Channel show Your World, do it for me. On Tuesday, Cavuto showed a clip from an interview that Barack Obama gave with the online TV show “Between Two Ferns” and then Cavuto said the following:

Funny stuff. But a lot of Republicans say silly stuff. Demeaning stuff.

And not the kind of stuff a president of the United States should be doing.

But that’s the big difference between “Meet the Press” and meeting Zach Galifianakis.

After all, Zach’s just an actor. And worse, “Funny or Die” is just a show on the web!

But that shows you how much Republicans know.

When it comes to reaching more voters? Nothing!

Say what you will, this irreverent give-and-take shows a president who’s willing to roll the dice.

And do whatever it takes to sell his healthcare law.

After a second clip Cavuto added this:

I don’t know how many young people sign up [for Obamacare] because of that. I suspect not many.

But maybe that’s not the point.

Maybe Republicans dismissing these type of venues is very dangerous.

Because Zach might not be Chris Wallace, but he is very funny.

And the president just going with the flow is very funny too.

I know, it’s not your father’s presidential interview or your Super Bowl Bill O’Reilly interview.

But it’s funny. And right now that Zach thing? It’s going viral.

Political handlers call it “reaching out to your base.”

A lot of Republicans say it’s just base.

I say, Republicans, ignore these venues at your own peril.

Laugh all you want about Michelle Obama hawking fitness with Jimmy Fallon.

Or her husband yucking it up with that guy before Fallon.

A lot of people who don’t watch news shows, watch these shows.

So why are you dismissing these shows?

Because let me tell you something, Republicans, you could do worse breaking out of your comfort zone.

Come to think of it, looking at your recent presidential election performances, you already are.

Thanks Neil. Every little bit helps.

Watch video: Fox News