News Corp., parent company of Fox News, to publish mag promoting gay ‘marriage’

Everyone who pays attention to Fox News knows they’re clueless when it comes to culture. The following article is just more evidence. From

NEW YORK, NY, – Fox News’ parent company, the conservative-leaning, Rupert Mordoch-owned News Corporation, is preparing to publish a magazine devoted to homosexual “marriage” in the wake of its legalization in New York.

The September 29 debut of “WEDDING Pride” by News Corp.’s Community Newspaper Group has drawn fire from both homosexual supporters, who have slammed the move as a transparent case of financial opportunism, as well as conservatives concerned about what the move says about the future of News Corp and Fox.

“It has come to my attention that News Corp, parent company to virulently homophobic Fox News and NY Post doesn’t apparently hate the gays enough to not make a buck off them, if the opportunity presents itself,” quipped one writer on the liberal Daily Kos blog.

Peter LaBarbera of Americas for Truth about Homosexuality said, however, that “Conservative and faith-based Americans do not look to Fox to promote sin.”

“And yet, every time Fox promotes homosexuality, that’s exactly what they’re doing; they’re promoting bad morality.”

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