Newt “has the ability that few people have…to speak over the heads of opponents and the press and directly to the people”

A few funny excerpts from a news article in today’s Washington Times. The irony of a former Hastert staffer deriding Gingrich is hilarious.

“We’ve made it far too complicated for any human being to run for office,” said former Rep. Bob Livingston of Louisiana, who served in Congress under Mr. Gingrich and supports the former House speaker.

“I don’t like those restriction and regulations,” Mr. Livingston added. “You shouldn’t have to have a battery of accountants and lawyers in every single state to run for president.”


“Newt said he was running a fly-by-night operation, which fits in perfectly with his operation,” said GOP strategist John Feehery, who worked for Mr. Gingrich’s successor, J. Dennis Hastert of Illinois. “Fly-by-night operations rarely work in presidential campaigns.”


Mr. Livingston, who is co-hosting [a] fundraiser with former Rep. Bob Walker of Pennsylvania, thinks Mr. Gingrich’s surge will continue throughout the campaign and carry him to the nomination.

“He is the only candidate in the entire race who has actually solved major problems for the country, and we have such devastating problems right now,” Mr. Livingston said. “He has the ability that few people have, but [Ronald] Reagan had — to speak over the heads of opponents and the press and directly to the people.”