Newt Gingrich: ‘They’re losing their minds’

Newt has said it, as has Rush Limbaugh: “People are being driven insane by this campaign.”

It’s nice to see two of my favorites say what I’ve been saying for months (see here, here, here, here, and here). Ted Cruz — but especially Donald Trump — are causing many Republicans, conservatives and Christians to suffer temporary insanity. I pray they’ll recover after the election is over.

Newt Gingrich said the following in this video (the second one) embedded here yesterday — Newt, as usual, is talking sense that a lot of people very much need to hear:

They deeply dislike Cruz and they are deeply afraid of Trump. […] None of these establishment types back a year ago if you had said to them we’re gonna get down to Ted Cruz vs Donald Trump they would have all said you’d lost your mind. Now they’re losing their minds because the objective reality is you’re either going to get Senator Cruz who I think has run a very intelligent campaign in a setting where he is up against a huge phenomenon. Or you’re going to get the phenomenon himself Donald Trump.

There is not going to be a third name in contention. Kasich in a sense is in a race to be vice president but he’s not going to become the nominee. Much as I love John he just simply not going to be the nominee. One of these two guys either Donald or Ted is going to be the nominee and the Washington establishment Republican Party is just in complete denial.

I mean this is this is a guy who has been a wild man who dominated the society pages who has had a life clearly outside of politics who said a lot of things as a standard New York business guy getting along in one of the most liberal cities in the world. And now all of a sudden he is showing up as the great conservative champion.

So if you’re a true blue conservative and you want somebody who’s thoughtful and has fought for and read all the major conservative books and who understands Hayek and Friedman, Donald Trump just unnerves you. I mean you keep thinking to yourself this would be like taking some of these intellectuals into a blue-collar bar you know and have him try to watch a hockey game.

I mean this is really different for them and it’s going to take them awhile to get used to it, Trump is really an anti-left, anti-political correctness, anti-stupidity American nationalist. Trumpism is a new evolution from where we’ve been I think it will be more destructive of the left than anything we’ve seen from conservatives have since Ronald Reagan. […]

[Trump] looks around one day and says what can I do now… [H]e thought “the country’s a total mess I think there’s an opportunity for leadership I want to dive in and try to lead.” Now I think he’s got a tremendous amount to learn because this is a very different business than just being rich. But I think he’s been learning pretty rapidly.

And I think he is essentially going to dismember the bureaucratic unionized structure of power that is crippling America I think that will be good […] whatever you think about Trump sincerity he will be dramatically better than Hillary Clinton.