The Ninth Circuit’s stolen sovereignty should serve as final wakeup call

There have been so many good articles written by commentators on our side regarding this lawless judicial action (or “stolen sovereignty”) regarding the temporary ban on immigration from seven dangerous states. I’ll excerpt one, and link to others below — and even more can be found by clicking our Judicial Branch tag.

Here is Daniel Horowitz writing at Conservative Review:

“What it evidences is the deep and perhaps irremediable corruption of our legal culture’s conception of constitutional interpretation” ~ Justice Samuel Alito, (Obergefell v. Hodges, dissenting)

Last night, we saw the logical outcome of over a half century of political agreement on the Right and Left that the opinions of the courts are the sole and final arbiter of every public policy issue, no matter how divorced from the Constitution and inimical to national interests those decisions may be.

The Ninth Circuit, although not “officially” deciding the merits of the immigration case, indicated that there is a constitutional right for anyone to immigrate, even during a time of war, even from countries we were so careful never to take immigrants from until recently. It concluded the president must show the courts sufficient evidence that each person will be a terrorist and anything short of that creates a due process right to be here.

It’s very important to remember that this is not about the executive action. President Trump’s executive order is following a statute, really a series of statutes, which grant any president ABSOLLUTE at-will power to shut off all or any immigration. According to the perverted rationale of the courts, even Congress couldn’t cut off immigration, even from part of the Middle East because it poses issues to the Left’s social justice agenda, which has been retroactively enshrined into the Constitution.

The outcome of this case is that even if Congress was to merely bar visas from countries that support terror (which is current law for state-sponsors of terror), that law would be open to lawsuits and would be enjoined nationwide by one district within one liberal circuit — and there’s not a darn thing we can do about it. It means any Islamic supremacist sitting in a shack in Somalia has due process rights to immigrate here and liberal states can sue on his behalf. It means any Muslim in Syria can sue us if they believe a Christian was admitted as a refugee in front of them. After all, we already know that four of the justices on the Supreme Court will never defy any political agenda of the Left, and that Anthony Kennedy is terrible on immigration.

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Image credit: This still image taken from United States Courts shows Judge James Robart listening to a case at Seattle Courthouse on March 12, 2013 in Seattle. Robart placed a nationwide hold on President Donald Trump’s executive order, banning travel to the United States by migrants from seven Muslim-majority countries, Friday, Feb. 3, 2017. (United States Courts via AP)