No surprise in Florida – Romney had a 65 to 1 ratio of ads run

Rush Limbaugh reports this:

Here are the raw numbers on ads and spending in Florida from the Wesleyan Media Project: “Even though Romney has not been on the airwaves as much as he was in 2008, his campaign and its allies have dominated the airwaves in Florida, airing almost 13,000 ads on broadcast television across the state, as of Wednesday, the 25th. Gingrich and his interest-group allies have aired only about 200 spots, with Paul and Santorum out of the broadcast television game.” They didn’t spend any. There were no ads.

So Newt’s got 200 spots that he ran, and Romney, 13,000. That’s a 65-to-one ratio, in terms of the number of ads run. And the dollar equivalent is accordingly gonna be off the charts. So exit poll data is what it is, but that’s a smother. The whole state has been smothered with Romney, Romney, Romney.

Sixty-five to one!