Noonan clueless on Syria

By Peter Skurkiss:

Peggy Noonan reveals her cluelessness on the complexity of Syrian situation with her column “Trump’s Reckless Rush to Withdraw.”

There she writes that the president doesn’t know much about the Kurds, thus implying that she does. But if Noonan knew a fraction about the Kurds of what she thinks she does, she’d know they are no angels and that they latched onto the U.S. as an ally of convenience.

More to the point, our troops were never in Syria to protect the Kurds. They were there to defeat ISIS. Now that that is done, there’s no reason for us to stay. But there are plenty of reasons to leave. Being in the middle of a messy multidimensional civil war is not only a guarantee for mission creep but it is also a risk of getting involved in an escalation that spins out of control. For example, if our advisers stayed and Turkey decided to move anyway to establish a security zone in Syria to provide an area for the 3.5 million displaced Syrians now in Turkey, would the U.S. be willing to go to war with this NATO ally for the sake of the Kurds?

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