Northwest Herald: ‘Our view — No more tax hikes’

The editorial board of the Northwest Herald (based in McHenry County) is liberal. When a liberal editorial board comes to the right conclusion, you know that if Republicans and conservatives in Illinois reached more Illinoisans with the facts, we could begin to clean up the mess that is Illinois.

It was exactly what we expected from a bipartisan group of rank-and-file lawmakers who have been meeting secretly for months to agree on recommendations to settle Illinois’ year-long budget impasse.

More tax increases, more tax expansions and, oh yeah, more tax increases.

How much more do these lawmakers want from Illinois taxpayers? Oh, only more than $5 billion. At least it’s not $6 billion, right?

Late last week, the group proposed to legislative leaders and the governor’s office that the state raise its income tax from 3.75 percent to 4.85 percent, expand the state sales tax to include services and end some corporate tax exemptions.

The lawmakers estimate its proposed tax increases would raise an additional $5.4 billion in revenue for Illinois government.

“I’m totally opposed to raising the Illinois income tax,” state Rep. David McSweeney, R-Barrington Hills, said. “Raising taxes would kill jobs, hurt families and drive more people out of Illinois. We need to reform pensions and Medicaid, not raise taxes.”

We agree with McSweeney. Why would anyone trust state government with more of our money?

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Image credit: Illinois Policy Institute.