Not Business, Mr. President, but War

While I do not think Trump thinks politics is just “business,” Bruce Walker makes some important points in this article:

President Trump, if he has not figured it out yet, needs to grasp that those who oppose him cannot be won over with negotiation and are not interested in finding the sort of “win-win” solutions Trump was accustomed to finding in the business community. His enemies on the left are warlords whose whole reason for living is to channel wretched levies into battle against imagined enemies.

Not only are these leftist warlords indifferent to policies that would improve the lot of these levies, but because their power rests entirely on the misery and anger of their embittered masses of followers, these warlords would actively oppose anything that lifts people into prosperity and hope.

So the left has long opposed sensible reforms to raise inner-city blacks to become productive and functioning members of society, because their only purpose to these leftist moguls is political: votes and deranged agitators. So leftists have long opposed thoughtful environmental regulation that balances economic and environmental concerns, because destroying the economy and artificially creating poverty are part of their goal.

Negotiation never works with enemies whose purpose in life is totalitarian control and crushing utterly all opposition. Winning this war requires a complete shift in thinking for a president who has built his career in the business world, where finding common ground and reaching mutually beneficial compromises are the order of the day.

The left, in this regard, is even worse – indeed, much worse – than the Mafia. Don Corleone, after all, was willing to divide territory with the other families, and his principal purpose was to make money. The Mob sought to move into “legitimate businesses” and disliked moves that were “bad for business.” It was anything but totalitarian, even if it was also immoral and vicious.

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