Not enough voters know that long ago we reached critical mass

In my lifetime there has never been a major party candidate for president with so many disqualifying attributes as Barack Obama. In a normal time, any number of things that have come to light about him would have long ago caused his poll numbers to drop. Clearly, we’re not in a normal time.

Unfortunately, our Republican and conservative “leaders” – whether they hold political office, other important bully pulpits, or command serious resources – have yet to awaken to the simple fact that our side is failing to fight on all fronts. Too many Americans still don’t realize who the guy is that’s leading right now in the polls.

K-12 education. The colleges and universities. The entertainment industry. The continuing scandal that is the mainstream media. Until we see smarter people step up to leadership positions in our society we’ll continue to experience the ridiculousness of trench warfare when it comes to the “critical information fronts.”

On the day of the last big presidential debate I thought I’d outline a few subject areas that still need a lot more discussion. The following, unfortunately, isn’t even a complete list.

His background, friends, and political alliances

Chicago and Illinois political corruption

Obama is the political product of a world famous political sewer. His “hope” and “change” mantras are laughable.

William Ayers

The unrepentant terrorist is not, as Obama claimed, just “a guy from the neighborhood.”

Jeremiah Wright

The story of this radical preacher has been well documented. What hasn’t been well documented is the fact that Obama told a reporter that he attended church there “every week” at the “11 o’clock service.”

Tony Resko

The Chicago Tribune’s John Kass refers to the convicted felon Tony Resko as Obama’s “real estate fairy.”


It’s an accepted fact by both Republicans and honest Democrats that this is a nationwide criminal enterprise.

The Annenberg Challenge

Barack Obama’s only executive experience was spent wasting millions of dollars that produced no results in what amounted to a faux “school reform” cash distributing boondoggle.


In addition to his years wasting millions of dollars with the Annenberg Challenge, Barack Obama has held office for twelve years and has done nothing to improve public education. An entire generation of kids has passed from 1st to 12th grade since Obama took office. In a rare moment of honesty, Obama has actually admitted his debt to the teachers unions.


Four years ago Obama was a state legislator, and based on the fiscal state of Illinois, it’s pretty clear that the General Assembly here isn’t a serious institution.

His policy positions

Tax Increases

Despite his recent back peddling, Obama’s heart is with the tax increasers. This week he told a small businessman that he wants to “spread the wealth around.”


Barack Obama is so extreme on the issue that it requires someone of Jill Stanek‘s writing ability to explain it. Visit her site at for more information. Another good read is found here.

“Gay Rights”

Just as they said Bill Clinton was the first black president, many people are saying Obama would be the first “gay president.” Read more about that fact here.

Freedom of Speech

Google “the fairness doctrine” and read Michael Barone‘s article “The Coming Obama Thugocracy.” As an aside, I listened to the podcast of Milt Rosenberg‘s “Extension 720” radio show mentioned in Barone’s piece. The show was beseiged with calls from Obama supporters, and not surprisingly, none of them had an intelligent thing to say.

Health Care

Obama would have the same government that gave you Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac provide your health care. Better make sure your life insurance is paid up.

Nancy Pelosi & Harry Reid

The prospect of D.C. being controlled by Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, and Barack Obama should wake people up. Hugh Hewitt recently wrote that it’d be “the most left-wing government in American history” that would “do enormous damage to both the short term and the long term…”

His knowledge of World Affairs

The Surge policy in Iraq

In the last two years we lived through one of the most dramatic military successes in history – and Barack Obama was 100 percent on the wrong side of the issue.

Foreign policy experience

A person can’t get any more delusional than to think you can change the character of evil foreign leaders by chatting with them.

Barack Obama doesn’t have any accomplishments. (Quick, name one!) The only thing he’s advanced is his political career.

And as far as the talk goes about him being “a post partisan uniter,” I’ll close with the words of Thomas Sowell, who, by the way, is an African American:

“Barack Obama has carried election-year makeovers to a new high, presenting himself a uniter of people, someone reaching across the partisan divide and the racial divide– after decades of promoting polarization in each of his successive roles and each of his choices of political allies.

Yet the media treat exposing a fraudulent election-year image as far worse than letting someone acquire the powers of the highest office in the land through sheer deception.”