Why Not Get Rid of the Senate Filibuster Altogether?

Look closely at the debt graph — it’s disgraceful. How many Americans understand just how bad it is? And yes, the filibuster needs to be gotten rid of. Here is Frank Hill writing at Family Security Matters:

Now that we have your attention with all this red ink in the above chart put together by Jon Gabriel (it looks like the bow of a mighty aircraft carrier, or worse, the Titanic, heading for shore or an iceberg, doesn’t it?), let’s think aloud about how we might be able to use some of the seismic cracks in Washington to address our debt and economic growth problem now that the Senate has ‘nuked’ the filibuster when it comes to Supreme Court nominations….

First of all, a caveat: We think the US Senate should remain as different from the US House of Representatives and virtually every other legislative body in this nation and around the globe. It was set up to be ‘The World’s Greatest Deliberative Body’ for a reason…namely because Founders far smarter than anyone who has come after them said it would be the best way to set up our democratic republic.

We are not adverse to going back to the whole ‘unanimous consent’ idea plucked from the Roman Senate long ago where every single Senator had to agree on the final legislative package, not just a majority or super-majority.

Think about the rough edges that would be filed off of any bill if every single Senator had to be mollified in some way to get a bill passed. Maybe that would neuter most legislation to mere gruel where nothing much of substance gets done.

Or maybe Senators start to realize that if they stand in the way of something YOU want to get done as a Senator, YOU will stand in the way of THEM getting something done as Senator

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Image credit: www.familysecuritymatters.org.