What Does It Now Mean to Be a Democrat?

Here is Carl Schwitzer writing at American Thinker:

A lot of ink has been spilled discussing the impending demise of the irreparably-fractured GOP. What does it mean to be a Republican when a man such as Donald Trump can not only obtain the nomination but win the whole thing? Evangelicals, neocons, and globalists, oh my! How can the tattered fragments of the Reagan coalition be sewn back together?

The actual question of the week is, “What does it now mean to be a Democrat?”

The Democratic party had options. But it opted to float an ancient, utterly corrupt open socialist who is beholden to Islamic nations. Did the party leaders think nobody would notice those traits? Is that their best and brightest? Is that who Democrats are? Democrats invented the polished media-centric candidacy! Why did they pick a wrinkled, collapsible hag whose “soaring oratory” was most reminiscent of the sound of a bagpipes being chopped to pieces with a live goose?

I suspect that what it means to be a Democrat in 2016 is this: to be so focused on ‘what’s in it for me’ as to be blinded to one’s conflicts with the societal norms for decency, corrupted beyond redemption, and paranoid about competition, discovery, and prosecution. It means that one is so consumed by one’s lust for power, money, and control that one is utterly incapable of recognizing their culpability in the unintended consequences. It means that lies cannot be questioned if they are brazen enough, and hypocrisy is only a thing if one has objective standards to begin with. Above all else, it means to be distraught, confused, and angry (but not sure why) about the Western world’s first successful attack on Political Correctness (PC), yet earnest about attempting to repair the damage. PC is essential to the operation of today’s Democrat party, because PC has never been anything more than a method by which to prevent those with sense from revealing the lies to those without it.

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