NYT Inadvertently Exposes FBI’s Anti-Trump Bias

By Thomas Gallatin:

The Times reveals a retaliatory FBI investigation into Trump after he fired Comey.

The New York Times has inadvertently exposed the reality that former FBI leaders opposed Donald Trump from the moment he won the Republican nomination. The Times’s intention with its “bombshell” report was to offer more “evidence” supporting Robert Mueller’s investigation, but instead it showed just how biased and vindictive previous FBI leadership was against Trump. As The Federalist’s Mollie Hemingway observes, “Admitting there is no actual evidence for their probe into whether Trump ‘worked for the Russians,’ FBI officials instead cited their foreign policy differences with him, his lawful firing of bungling FBI Director James Comey, and alarm that he accurately revealed to the American public that he was told he wasn’t under investigation by the FBI, when they preferred to hide that fact.”

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