NYT okays nullification of gay marriage, abortion, bathroom laws

Our side makes so many good arguments — too bad we don’t reach enough people with them. Here is Ed Straker making a great point about sanctuary cities and the nullification of federal law. Here is one short segment of a New York Times editorial excerpted by Straker:

[Sanctuary cities] do what they can to welcome and support immigrants, including the unauthorized, and choose not to participate in deportation crackdowns they see as unjust, self-defeating and harmful to public safety.

The Straker makes the case clear enough for anyone to understand:

Opposing a roundup of illegal aliens is a direct violation of federal law as well. What the Times seems to be saying is that if a locality disapproves of a federal law, it can ignore it.

That also means federal laws requiring states to give gay marriage licenses can be ignored. Federal laws requiring states to allow abortion providers to operate within their borders can be disregarded. Federal regulations allowing boys in girls’ bathrooms and locker rooms can also be ignored.

Having opened the door on nullification, liberals are inviting the rest of us to step through it. This has been going on for a long time, not just in the area of illegal immigration, but also in the legalization of marijuana. Marijuana is illegal under federal law. States that legalize it are in violation of federal law. Because these violations involve subjects that liberals approve of, no one objects or mentions that federal law is being violated.

How long will it be before red states take a cue from this and start nullifying laws they don’t like requiring illegal aliens to get a free education in their schools, two men getting hooked up to be given a marriage license, and boys to be allowed in girls’ bathrooms?

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Image credit: Cartoon by A.F. Branco.