Obama Happily Hands Iraq and Afghanistan to Al-Qaeda to Discredit George W. Bush

Dispatches3If anyone doubts the point made in the above headline, well, whatever. Believe what you want. I’ve weighed in with my opinion on what’s taking place in Iraq and Afghanistan with this BarbWire post a couple of weeks ago: Republicans and Conservatives Share Blame With Obama for Afghanistan, Iraq War Results.

That said, when the guys with big microphones make additional important points, those of us with little microphones appreciate it. Rush Limbaugh has the guts to say a lot of things that many others don’t want to say. Our headline is Rush’s, and saying things like that can strike people as too personal. When you get into the realm of questioning motives, you had better know what you’re talking about and have plenty of evidence to show you’re right.

Harsh statements can turn off many who listen with an open mind. A lot of people love Rush, and a lot of people hate Rush for the exact same reason: he’s willing to say certain things without giving a darn about those with delicate ears. Here’s an example:

We’re not dealing with a rational bunch of people on the left. We’re dealing with people who have an abject hatred for this country; who believe this country needs to be taken down a peg or two or three; who believe we shouldn’t-a gone to Iraq in the first place and we need to pay a price for going in there. And what would that be? World-wide humiliation. And Obama would benefit from it, from the base.

EIB NetworkYesterday on this radio show Rush said the following:

I think this administration wants both Iraq and Afghanistan to fail as stable democracies. And if you doubt that, would you give me — I’m open to changing my mind about this — just give me any evidence to the contrary. And don’t cite Afghanistan, because everything we’re doing in Afghanistan is designed to prop up the Taliban. We just gave them five of their apparently biggest and most important freedom fighters, just released them. We’re restocking the Taliban. Obama thinks they’re a legitimate entity, that they have a right to run that country and we should negotiate with them. They’re not an enemy that needs to be defeated.

So, see, you have to understand liberals, folks, and it takes courage to understand liberals. Well, maybe not to understand, but it takes courage to admit that you understand liberals. And if you understand liberals, you understand that everything is viewed through the prism of politics. So Nouri al-Maliki asking for air support to beat back Al-Qaeda insurgents is immediately calculated as a political move by Obama and everybody on the left. It’s not about human rights. It’s not about saving the women and children. It’s not about saving a war torn country. And, sadly, it’s not about standing up for US policy.

The simple fact of the matter is, the ultimate objective, Obama and the Democrats and the whole anti-war crowd — Code Pink, MoveOn.org, you name it — is to prove for the rest of time that everything Bush did was a mistake and was for nothing. It’s to continue the public perception of Bush was rotten and horrible, incompetent, dangerous, inconsiderate, unfeeling, uncaring. Nouri al-Maliki asking for American air support in Iraq gives Obama another political opportunity to blame Bush. And that is an opportunity they just can’t pass up. It’s too juicy.

The opportunity here to secure defeat in Iraq, have it overrun by Al-Qaeda, buck up Taliban in Afghanistan, essentially get out of there and hand that country over to them. What have you done? You have proven in your mind, for the rest of time, that George W. Bush’s wars were all for nothing. You have proven that George Bush was a dirty, rotten president. You have proven that Bush had no business going anywhere. You have proven that we lost lives unnecessarily. You have advanced your own political agenda, and at the same time you are hopefully, in their view, exciting your base. As I say, the Michael Moore crowd, which just loves to see the American military fail. Because they consider the American military an agent of evil in the world.

I agree. To read the entire transcript from Rush’s show click here.