Obama & The Democrats Lost 8.5 Million Jobs

From the Illinois Conservative Examiner:

Do you see much in the “mainstream’ media about the unemployment rate going up last month? It went up from 7.8% to 7.9%. But the media are not reporting that. The apologists in the Fourth Estate (that’s the leftist media) are all reporting the number of jobs created. That number, 157,000. They’re saying that the unemployment rate going up is a statistical anomaly. It’s not really relevant.

According to the Left, despite the best efforts of the Republicans to kill this country’s economy with all their spending cuts in December, the president persevered and created 157,000 jobs. No one but a rabid Democrat is gullible enough to believe that. The unemployment rate went up, but we’re not supposed to pay any attention to that. While 157,000 jobs are being created, 169,000 people left the workforce. Does that get your attention?

If you’re watching CNN or something, and you heard you hear nothing but ‘fuzz” numbers: 157,000 jobs created. What they don’t report is that 169,000 people left the workforce, meaning they stopped looking for work. That means they are not counted in the unemployment numbers.

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