Obamacare Heading for a ‘Train Wreck’

GOPusaFrom Phyllis Schlafly:

Obamacare was supposed to be a big success by now, according to predictions made by liberals who railroaded it through Congress in 2010. Instead, as admitted by one of its leading architects, Democratic Sen. Max Baucus, it’s heading for a “train wreck” later this year.

Baucus’ apt metaphor is being echoed by other Democrats because it is so obviously true. Harry Reid said, “I agree with him.” Sen. Jay Rockefeller described it as “so complicated” that it’s “beyond comprehension.” Henry Chao, the government’s chief technical officer in charge of implementing the exchanges, said, “Let’s just make sure it’s not a Third World experience.”

The outcry over the length of the 21-page application form (with a 61-page instruction manual) resulted in a cosmetic shortening. The same nosy questions are now asked on three separate forms (of three, five and 12 pages), plus three appendices, plus a requirement that families with more than one child “make a copy of pages 4 and 5 and complete” them for each additional child.

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