Obamacare is un-American: A personal story

Some day conservatives will get serious about reaching more Americans with the information about how the health care system should be reformed. As of September 2016, unfortunately, they seem content in losing the information war and allowing a lot of financial pain to be inflicted on their fellow Americans.

Here is an excerpt from an article written by Howard J. Warner at American Thinker:

What has happened to America? I can’t pay to get care and must wait for some bureaucrat to determine my care while in pain. Is this managed care under Obamacare regulations?

Now I pay almost $17,000 per year in premiums. I now have $11,000 in deductibles and co-pays. This is about a threefold increase in eight years. Soon the increases for next year will be announced. Since Obama took office, they have averaged over 12% per year.

How long will this continue before the private insurance system collapses? Can the supporters of this government intrusion defend the care at the Veterans Administration? Perhaps they feel that Medicaid is a great system with politicians and bureaucrats determining acceptable coverage and reimbursement rates below the cost of providing care? Do the media recognize that the future of Medicare is threatened?

Obamacare has accelerated changes in the health care system. More primary care is provided by nurse practitioners and physician assistants. Excellent care is available in hospital emergency rooms without insurance preauthorization. This is costly and inefficient. Outpatient care and doctor office care are managed more closely and delay services requiring more paperwork and cost. The addition of millions of new patients through Obamacare (subsidized by government funds) has overloaded the system and increased wait times for care. Physicians increasingly see more patients per day (and are more rushed) as reimbursement rates have declined. The unintended consequences of increased regulatory control have been to diminish quality and personal nature of care. We have been transitioned from patients to clients.

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