Obamanism Is the Real Enemy

Here is James Lewis:

Like it or not, the current state of play shows that Trump is a “good enough” choice. No, he’s not General Patton, but he’s miles better than the Waffen SS. This is war, whether you like it or not. Like Lincoln, we need a general who will fight. I think Trump and Cruz will fight the real strategic enemy. Maybe some of the other candidates will, too – I can’t tell right now.

The bottom line is that Trumpism is better than Obamanism. The enormous threat to our beloved country and Constitution is Obamanism, with or without Obama. Hillary is an Obama clone. So is Bernie, along with Fauxcahontas and Bloomberg.

The GOP mud fight is a distraction. It’s meant to take your eyes off the ball. Don’t fall for it. Remember our strategic priorities, first, last, and always.

This is George Patton and the Third Army again. Ignore static enemy strong points. Instead, go right around them and strike at Hitler’s bunker, just as fast as possible.

Never allow yourself to be distracted by the enemy media. Never lose the initiative. Keep them reeling.

Never fall for fake attacks and false fronts.

Don’t forget that the enemy media are always against us. Don’t try reason, because they don’t do that. You reason with them; they pull out a rhetorical pistol, and you’re dead.

Never respond to provocations alone.

Go for the heart of the enemy and destroy it. Use Alinsky against Alinsky.

Don’t give in to the temptation to be nice. The enemy is not nice, but lethal.

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