The Obama/Soros/Media Shadow Government and the Illusion of Chaos

Here is Scott Lively writing at BarbWire about “shadow” operations:

I’m encouraging Christians not to fall prey to the false-reality being spun by the elites against the Trump administration and our nation. It’s just an illusion now but could become reality if God’s people forget how the Deceiver works, and who’s really in charge. If we let the spooks deceive us into stampeding, they’ll run us right off the cliff. They’re called spooks for a reason.

“The Gates of Hell cannot prevail against the church.” The spiritual truth behind that scripture is that Satan has no power against a person who steadfastly abides in Christ. The Evil One can only do what God allows him to do, but that latitude includes the right to try to trick us into exercising our own self-will self-destructively. God measures our faith in Him by whether we cling to His truth or believe the lies. Thus, Satan’s most potent weapon is deception – especially fear-inducing illusions that tempt us to run away instead of standing firm, voluntarily giving up the ground that our adversary could never otherwise take from us.

As a veteran pro-family activist I know this principle intimately. Through testing and occasional failure in earlier years, I now understand and embrace the corollary scripture “therefore, having done all to stand, STAND.” Indeed, after more than a quarter century of taking everything the “gay” movement could throw at me, culminating in the current bogus federal lawsuit for “Crimes Against Humanity” for preaching against homosexuality in Uganda, my ministry has become a symbol of courage under fire internationally.

They can’t stop me from speaking the plain truth in love, but, importantly, that doesn’t stop them either, because the fabrications and misrepresentations they spin about me and the presumption that I am hurt by them, puts fear into others, and causes them to compromise the truth or remain silent so as not to suffer the same fate. (The truth is that standing up to their persecution has caused me to be spiritually blessed beyond what I ever thought possible.)

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