O’Keefe: ‘Why the hell isn’t the press covering this?’

From HotAir.com: “In an exclusive interview with Hot Air, [James] O’Keefe told me this morning: ‘Bob Creamer visited the White House 340 times. Why the hell isn’t the press covering this video?’”

It’s called the information war and I’m going to keep hammering it because so many activists and commentators on the political right still seem to be confused. Our reach is not what it needs to be. It never has been. And there is a lot of work necessary on our side to build all the many pipelines we need to bring good information to more of our fellow citizens.

With the great work of James O’Keefe failing to reach enough Americans, maybe more conservatives will wake up to reality.

Here are just a few articles that touch on the topic in that there is either surprise at the leftist institutions not helping us, or the simple fact that ignorance dominates. What you’ll rarely see is the recognition of the failure on our part to inform and teach. James O’Keefe is doing his part. Now we need pipelines.

O’Keefe: ‘Why the hell isn’t the press covering this?’

If a Trump SuperPAC was exposed inciting violence at Hillary rallies, do you think the media would cover it? The question answers itself, doesn’t it?

Yet the latest bombshell videos from James O’Keefe’s Project Veritas have been reduced to “kid on a milk carton” status by network news outlets and most of the cable news networks.

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The stuff Hillary’s Dreams Are Made Of

Courtesy of what should be an explosive WikiLeaks disclosure we finally know Hillary Clinton’s fondest dream: An America without borders. It was an amazing confession by Clinton to Brazilian bankers of what the Left desperately longs for but avoids saying in public.

If this huge gaffe had received a fraction of the media attention it merits, Clinton’s campaign might be over.  Even the clueless NeverTrump Rich Lowry noticed it and its potentially poisonous ramifications for Clinton. As an aside, one wonders why he and his other benighted friends in the NT crowd (Will, Krauthammer, Goldberg et al), don’t notice the terminal demographic problems HRC’s sure pursuit of her dream will cause their future ideologically pure conservative presidential candidate.

If the Trump team has the judgment, guts and talent to give this gift from Clinton the full Lee Atwater treatment, the unpleasant consequences for “Open Borders Hillary” could be huge, even at this late date.

It goes without saying that America’s Goebbels media has made no mention of this revelation — potentially the most momentous to date from Wikileaks. So, if the electorate is going to learn about Clinton’s astounding dream of America’s dissolution, Trump’s campaign will have to hit her gaffe hard, plain and often.

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Hillary Clinton Relentlessly Exploits Voter Ignorance

From gun rights to partial-birth abortion, she offers a haze of vague words and obfuscation.

Let’s suppose for a moment that you’re a normal human being. And by “normal” I mean a person who keeps politics at a healthy distance. You’ve got kids, a challenging job, and thriving relationships. Your spare time is precious, so when you do get those few extra hours, you’re far more likely to spend them binge-watching Stranger Things on Netflix than brushing up on the latest trends in abortion legislation or on the text of unconstitutional municipal statutes.

So, as a matter of necessity, to make informed political decisions, you depend on candidates and members of the media to tell the truth. I mean that you depend on them not just to avoid bald-faced lies but also to be forthcoming, to accurately describe, as best they can, the issues and the meaning of any given controversy. At the very least, we demand that they not be deceptive, that they not exploit our understandable ignorance for partisan gain.

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This Is the Percentage of Millennials Who Believe George W. Bush Killed More People Than Stalin

The Victims of Communism Memorial Foundation released its first “Annual Report on U.S. Attitudes Towards Socialism” Monday. The survey showed a distinct generation gap regarding beliefs about socialism and communism between older and younger Americans.

For example, 80 percent of baby boomers and 91 percent of elderly Americans believe that communism was and still is a problem in the world today, while just 55 percent of millennials say the same.

Just 37 percent of millennials had a “very unfavorable” view of communism, compared to 57 percent of Americans overall. Close to half (45 percent) of Americans aged 16 to 20 said they would vote for a socialist, and 21 percent would vote for a communist.

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