On Being Governed By Scientific Frauds

AmericanThinker.com is a great website. Articles like this one are just one example:

The news leaked out a while ago that Al Gore scored a D in natural science at Harvard. That would be the science introduction for Other Majors, not difficult chemistry or calculus. So Nobel Laureate Al Gore got a D in Science for Dummies.

But don’t worry. Anybody can blow a college course and still bounce back. A lot of us get it wrong the first time. Unfortunately, Al Gore didn’t fix his failure. He made it much worse by peddling monstrous pseudo-science and getting even richer from it. As well as repulsively fat — a walking metaphor for his politics.

The more I think about it, the more it looks like global warming is a deliberate attack by the postmodern (anti-science) left on science. Global Frauding attacks all the core scientific values — of truth-telling, empirical discipline, and skepticism. Our bulging Goracle gets a lifetime grade of F for setting real science back by decades.

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