On Human Sexuality, Conservative Victory is Inevitable

The above-titled article by Jeremy Neill at Public Discourse reminded me of this article by Bruce Walker at American Thinker from a couple of years ago. (The Neill article now joins Walker’s in our featured articles list on our right column):

Our Sure Victory

While millions of us watch with dread the daily mischief of the enemies of freedom, and while this concern is proper and wise, we ought to recall also that these enemies are transcendent nebbishes: they know nothing; they believe nothing; they trust nothing. They flinch like savages from those of us who care about truth.

The almost total infestation of our institutions by leftists simply means that, over time, these institutions become cemeteries marked with unkempt graves. Whole sections of America have become festering scabs, as Victor Davis Hanson has described so well about the beautiful and luxuriant orchids, vineyards, and fields of his California homeland.

We are obliged to mourn all lost souls, but we are not bound to see in their despair and decline our own futures. The only real danger we face is the tantalizing but phony benefit of making peace with the left.

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Here is Jeremy Neill:

The emotional and physical devastation produced by the collapse of familial bonds may take decades to fully manifest itself. Once it does, the essential human need for restrictions on sexuality will again become clear.

Human history is a story of sexual restrictions. Across the world and down through the centuries, humans have strictly controlled their sexual activity. There are no exceptions: in all cultures a freewheeling primal instinct has been seen as too great a threat to human emotional and physical flourishing to leave unchecked.

Humanity’s primal sexual instincts are incredibly deep and malleable, and, given the right setting, they can take on numerous different shapes—attraction toward adults of the opposite sex, adults of the same sex, attraction to children, or even attraction to corpses or animals. Human sexuality has, for centuries, sought a way around its restrictions. And through the “explorations” of twentieth-century people it found it.

The human sexual story has always been, and must necessarily be, a story of restrictions. Cultures need these restrictions to survive. The emotional and physical devastation produced by the collapse of traditional familial bonds may take decades to fully manifest itself. But, once manifested, its consequences will be substantial. And at that time the trends in the social infrastructure will once again cause persons’ conscious opinions to change. The devastating long-term consequences of family breakdown and sexual “liberation” will cause them to see the need for and the benefit of restrictions. Human flourishing will quite simply demand it, just as it has always demanded it in the past.

In short, it might be possible for a generation or two to do away with the short-term consequences of our great sexual adventure. Yet the larger and more destructive long-term consequences will certainly remain. And these consequences will be too destructive for the society to stand. Conservatives can circle the wagons, wait out the storm, and pursue the Benedict option if they are so inclined. But their victory in the sexuality wars is inevitable.

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