On the verge of a renaissance for school choice in our nation

Health care, government spending and debt have dominated the headlines. Now education is an issue that is getting ever more ink. Below are excerpts and links to two good columns today worth reading.

Sanity Continues Losing Ground In School Culture Wars, Part I

By Kyle Olson

Public schools continue to be a battleground in the culture war, as the education establishment – composed primarily of leftists bent on political correctness – gains more ground.

This strain treats Christianity and its holidays as a pariah, while embracing Muslim holidays…

This isn’t just about holidays. The political correctness that has taken root in public schools has also provided a platform for radical ideology, namely Marxism.


Union Battles: A Window for Parental Choice

By Howard Rich

The defensive struggle that’s currently being waged by America’s public sector unions has the potential to usher in a renaissance of parental choice in our nation – assuming supporters of academic freedom are willing to seize this opportunity and resist the urge to settle for half-measures.

Battles over collective bargaining in Wisconsin and Ohio represent the first skirmishes in a protracted, nationwide war against taxpayer-funded unions – engagements that have backed these entitled bureaucrats up against the wall for the first time in recent memory.

No longer dictating terms to elected officials, public sector unions are fighting for their very survival as Tea Party members and legions of independent-minded voters have finally seen them for what they are – cash-guzzling cancers on taxpayers.

“The states with the highest per-capita debt all have something in common: Robust public-sector unions that have, over the years, cut sweetheart deals with politicians,” author David Freddoso wrote recently…