On Time, under Budget

Here is David Prentice writing at American Thinker about something foreign to government — “under budget”:

Most building contractors have a goal of finishing their projects in the time specified, with the money budgeted. The closer you get to doing both, the more profitable and the more successful your company will be. The sad truth is, most building companies have a hard time hitting those two very important goals. Why? Because it’s extremely difficult. Most construction projects have complexity that is hard to comprehend; the efforts of scheduling, price change, human error, and the cycles it takes to be on time and under budget are mind-boggling.

It’s not normal for construction companies of all sizes to accomplish those two things. It’s quite normal to be at least a shade late, and a tad over budget, or worse. It’s why nine out of ten people who go into this business are out of the business in less than ten years.

Donald Trump has many flaws, more than his fair share, but in this area of being on time and under budget, his track record is close to brilliant. One of the main reasons I preferred Trump early on was this clear aura of competence, one he earned. He didn’t do these projects in cities that are all that business friendly; he did them in New York, and other large cities all over who are just as bureaucratic and just as tough.

I know, I know – “He’s never been in government before, and business acumen doesn’t translate to being in politics or running governments.” I believe I remember the vast majority of pundits saying this kind of thing during the primaries. Yep, he was a neophyte who knew nothing about politics. He could never win the nomination.

The derisive laughter on Bill Maher’s show when Ann Coulter said Trump was the only one on the Republican side who could win still rings in my ears. Can we now dispense with the idea that he can’t take his business acumen and put forth the agenda he ran on? Can we dare to believe that he will follow through with his agenda to make America great again?

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