On to South Carolina…and speaking of which…

Ya gotta love reports like this one:

S. C. Gov. Haley Received $36,000 Campaign Donation from Romney PAC before Endorsement

January 9, 2012

Gov. Nikki Haley announced her endorsement of Mitt Romney in mid-December.

The Republican presidential candidate, regarded to be somewhat moderate, earned her Tea Party support because “he knows how the private economy works, how to fix it, and most importantly how to solve problems,” Haley said in her announcement.

His “Free and Strong America” political action committee donated $36,000 to Haley’s campaign in 2010.

And she’s not alone, either. Romney has, to date, received 35 endorsements from politicians his PAC donated to first, implying those open supporters may just be returning a favor, or were even paid for that favor early on.