One Election Away from Tragedy

From Monty Pelerin at American Thinker:

For the last thirty-plus years, each election has been described by pundits as “the most important election in history.” Finally this claim is no longer hyperbole.

Elections can be important, but they should not be “game-changers.” For the first time in my life, we face an election that truly lives up to its exaggerated billings. This election likely is the most important one in American history.


The Leviathan that government became was never intended. Its size, power and responsibilities contradict anything intended by the Constitution. If the Founders could see what was spawned, they likely would conclude that living under King George was not so bad. “Taxation without representation” seems better than the taxation with representation, at least the representation that we evolved into.


Barack Obama is a symptom of the problem. Ridding ourselves of Obama does not rid the country of the problem. Elections were never intended to be life-changing events.

Unless government can be re-caged, we will always be one election away from disaster. Defeating Barack Obama only pushes the problem off one election. At some point the American people will choose incorrectly and their way of life will be gone. At some point both parties may envision the same dismal course for the country, leaving no choice.

Unconstrained democracy always destroys itself.

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