One Hundred Reasons to Abandon Public Education Now

AmericanThinker3Daren Jonescu at American Thinker is right again:

In a recent article, I noted in passing that “there are a hundred compelling reasons for removing your children and grandchildren from the public schools, regardless of any practical or financial inconveniences this may cause you.”  My choice of the round figure one hundred was purely a rhetorical flourish — there are actually far more than a hundred reasons to abolish public education, one child at a time if necessary.

By way of proving this point, I offer the following list for your consideration and dissemination:

(1) John Dewey.  “The father of modern education” — including modern Soviet education.  Critic of Western rationalism, socialist, enemy of ethical individualism.

(2) Bill Ayers.  Weatherman communist, Deweyite — and influential voice in early childhood education.

(3) “Benevolent” would-be oligarchs explicitly conceived of modern compulsory schooling as a means of forcibly stunting intellectual growth in order to produce a submissive worker class.  (See below)

(4) Standardized curricula and testing.  Coerced uniformity of goals and methods — the “death panel” of education.

(5) Reduces family home to glorified bunkhouse for state-raised children.

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