The one-sided coverage of Donald Trump

Happy Inauguration Day!

And yes, the information war continues on. Until now, it has been a one-sided fight. Our side must get into the bigger fight — reaching a lot more of our fellow Americans — we will continue to have to suffer through widespread ignorance. Here is Kelly Riddell writing at the Washington Times:

Everybody, including the Never-Trumpers suffers for it.

Today, the 45th president of the United States, Donald Trump, will be sworn into office.

Hundreds of thousands of people are expected to celebrate the weekend with him in Washington, D.C., while others across the country, will be watching their televisions to hear Mr. Trump take his 35-word oath, and deliver his first speech as president.

More than 60 million people in this country are hopeful — they want Mr. Trump to work on behalf of them to restore jobs in their dilapidated towns, to improve the education for their children, to help unite this fractious Republic, by making the American dream obtainable to all Americans.

They’ll dance at the balls this weekend, or toast champagne from within their homes. All are uncertain at what a Trump presidency may bring, but they are willing to give the man a chance.

All but the mainstream media that is.

Network heads and newspaper editors are filled with anxiety — yes, Mr. Trump’s supporters are jubilant, but the other half of this nation (including most within their own newsrooms) are devastated. And to them, that devastation is more powerful, more convincing. And thus, their coverage has reflected those fears, and none of the optimism.

Here’s a sampling of headlines produced from the media this Inauguration week.

From The Washington Post: “Will Trump follow through on his Day One promises? Doesn’t look like it.”

The New York Times: “Angst simmers in Washington as Trump presidency nears.”

The Chicago Tribune: “With Trump as president, many international students rethink future in the U.S.”

Boston Globe: “For many in Mass.; Trump’s big day is no celebration.”

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