One Teacher’s Arrogant Admissions

From Laurie Higgins:

Following my recent piece about “progressive” teachers who exploit their publicly subsidized positions in government schools to advance their personal moral and political beliefs about the nature and morality of homosexuality and gender confusion, I received an email from a public high school teacher in Maine who is also the sponsor of the “gay-straight alliance” in his school. For the next two days we exchanged emails which are both illuminating and deeply troubling. This week I am posting the entire exchange, so that taxpayers can hear from the proverbial horse’s mouth what many progressive “public servants” believe is their right to do with public money.

Remember, the beliefs revealed in this email exchange are not unique to this teacher. The public that pays the salaries of teachers like this one—that is, teachers who view themselves as “agents of change”—are entitled to know what these teachers presume is their right to do on the public dime with other people’s children.

Two clarifications are in order:

IFI has the following statement on our “Contact” page through which emails are submitted: “All emails sent to IFI become the property of IFI and may be published.”

This email exchange is lengthy. If you have neither the time nor interest in reading it, stop now. This post is intended only for those who have both the interest and time to read it.

The teacher’s name is redacted throughout the exchange.

Here goes, but fasten your seatbelts, it’s going to be a bumpy week:

Laurie Higgins’ post to parents re: monitoring the progressive stands of [their kids’] teachers is an example of stupidity, paranoia and, yes, even humor. Laurie reeks of sheer ignorance of the true structure of public school curriculum. Her assumption that an administration, a school committee and a superintendent would not know of the effectiveness of their teachers and the strategies employed in their school’s classes is a product more of animus than logic. Laurie would much more prefer that schools teach Biblical precepts and would have no qualms supporting such a focus. Her paranoia stems from her fear that, God forbid, kids will be exposed to the real world, real logic, real problem-solving and the reality of life locally, state-wide, nationally and globally. I, with no compensation, advise a Gay-Straight Alliance in our high school. We, all of us, celebrate the diversity we have in our school. The larger majority of members are straight kids and they would say to Laurie, “Be gone. You have no power here.” They would also quickly remind Laurie that it us her very animus and bigotry that fires them up to keep this program alive. So, Laurie, please send out your e-mail. You have no idea how much your attitude contributes to the strength of nation-wide school programs designed to curb bullying and create Safe Spaces. The kids need to be safe from the likes if you.


Wow, R, so many assumptions, so little time.

Until the fall of 2008, I worked full-time in the writing center of the local public high school where all four of my children attended. We live in a liberal community with a high percentage of community members who are Jewish. I grew up in this town. I have no desire whatsoever for my local high school to teach biblical doctrine. You have manufactured that strange claim out of whole cloth. I challenge you to find one bit of evidence from any interview I’ve ever done or article I’ve written to support that claim.

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