Only the Unintelligent Question Trump’s Soleimani Intelligence

By Daniel Greenfield:

You don’t need intelligence, just brains.

Democrats, Never Trumpers, and the media (but I repeat myself) have fastened on to three excuses for opposing President Trump’s decision to take out Iranian terror mastermind Qasem Soleimani.

The first excuse was that it would escalate into a massive regional war with Iran. That excuse was shot down along with a Ukrainian airliner. Instead, Iran made sure to kill everyone except Americans.

Iran was more willing to kill Americans before its top elite learned that America shoots back at them.

The second excuse was Democrat hacks like Speaker Nancy Pelosi, who had no problem with Obama defying Congress to illegally invade Libya, pounding the War Powers Resolution. POTUS doesn’t need special authority from Congress to take out a terrorist operating in Iraq, who had attacked Americans in Iraq. He does need Congress to authorize invading a whole other country. Sorry, Nancy.

Third up is the intelligence issue. Or lack thereof.

You may have seen one of the four thousand media stories questioning the idea that Soleimani, who has killed hundreds of Americans and was fresh off an attack on the US embassy, might have intended anything untoward toward America right after his latest terror attack.

The Washington Post has offered such diverse takes on the subject as, “The Trump team’s incredibly jumbled case for striking Qasem Soleimani” and “Trump’s team offer mixed messages about ‘imminent’ attack from Iran as justification for killing Soleimani.” The only thing jumbled here is the box in which Marty Baron puts the words, “Soleimani”, “Trump”, and random words to form WaPo headlines.

Reuters offers both, “Trump says Soleimani plotted ‘imminent’ attacks, but critics question just how soon” and “Exclusive: Informants in Iraq, Syria helped U.S. kill Iran’s Soleimani – sources”. The media demands more information about our intelligence for the attacks so it can expose it to Iran.

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