Operation Market-Guarding: A Buck too Far

The following is an excerpt from a terrific article by William R. Mann with the above clever title – I bolded one of my favorite paragraphs:

Why are Gingrich and Perry [and Santorum to a lesser degree] going after Romney and his time at Bain Capital? Rush Limbaugh, Laura Ingraham, Sean Hannity and others reflexively see this challenge to Romney as an almost heretical attack on the Capitalist system. They are all but apoplectic. I challenge the assumptions of these pundits.

For Rush to equate Capitalism to political Freedom is a stretch. To assume that questioning how much and in what way Romney’s participation and results at Bain are off-limits is to fail.

Ironically, these pundits are applying the Hegelian Dialectic used by Marx. They assert that somehow the thesis of Capitalism bumping up against an assertion of greed and unethical behavior will yield the death of Free Markets and the synthesis of Progressivism. This is fuzzy thinking. Both Gingrich and Perry have fully clarified their positions, but to no avail…

We must understand and destroy this unholy, growing cancer called “crony Capitalism.” Simply put, this is a “happy Fizzies party” headquartered in the White House where certain Businesses, Large Banks, Unions, Special Interests, and Government Leaders form a special inner circle with the Administration of “he who shall go nameless.“ They simply sell the same stuff back and forth to each other, and have a good time for an inner clique with designs of making this a ruling clique…

I have this sneaking hunch that Romney is not all that different than some of the boys in the aforementioned clique. They are, after all, legion. These are the men and women in the big firms like Lehmann Brothers, AIG, Bank of America, Goldman Sachs, etc., part of that clique, have run this country into the ground making bad loans, highly speculative investments, leveraged buyouts, and creating Ponzi schemes using derivative investments … all the time with someone else’s money and at someone else’s expense.

Their parachutes are ready and their private island awaits. Is this any different from Republicans and Democrats in Congress who have spent money in denial of economic realities and the economic collapse that is coming if they don’t stop? These people look down their nose at you and me…

So do I think Mitt Romney has some ‘splainin’ to do? Yes indeed. This is Mitt’s chance to tell us what went right and what went wrong, specifically, in his career as a “job creator” and one who “signs checks on the front” as well as on the back. If he cannot at least do that, then he is not the guy to lead our Party and our Nation. In that case, many in the GOP would be backing the wrong horse.

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