Our side doesn’t understand what political power is or where it comes from

First published October 19, 2013.

This article on Townhall.com today got my attention — “Krauthammer: Boehner Doesn’t Have Any Power.”

Charles Krauthammer is talking about an inside baseball issue: Speaker John Boehner’s inability to “control his caucus.” No one outside of Krauthammer’s Washington D.C. beltway cares about that. What a majority of people do care about is stopping Obamacare and how it’s raising insurance rates through the roof and destroying job growth.

There’s a lot of debate about whether shutting down (17% of) the government was worth it tactically. I’m a lot more concerned about Republicans and conservatives learning how to effectively reach the uninformed so there will be fewer low information voters and then public support for the policy reforms that are desperately needed.

I like Krauthammer but he’s been in D.C. too long just like Boehner. Neither man has an understanding of what’s wrong: we have a one-sided debate in this country — Americans mostly only hear from the political left. If you don’t see the problem you can’t have a vision for how to fix it.

If you want to learn what real political power is read what the Founding Fathers and others have said about the importance of shaping public sentiment. The left has power because they do it. The right…well, they think it has something to do with controlling your caucus.

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