Our Sure Victory

A fantastic piece by Bruce Walker:

While millions of us watch with dread the daily mischief of the enemies of freedom, and while this concern is proper and wise, we ought to recall also that these enemies are transcendent nebbishes: they know nothing; they believe nothing; they trust nothing. They flinch like savages from those of us who care about truth.

The almost total infestation of our institutions by leftists simply means that, over time, these institutions become cemeteries marked with unkempt graves. Whole sections of America have become festering scabs, as Victor Davis Hanson has described so well about the beautiful and luxuriant orchids, vineyards, and fields of his California homeland.

We are obliged to mourn all lost souls, but we are not bound to see in their despair and decline our own futures. The only real danger we face is the tantalizing but phony benefit of making peace with the left.

Why will we win, as long as we do not give up first? There are several interlocking reasons.

We believe in truth and in human relations, which means we believe in honesty. We recoil in disgust as the corruption of academic physical sciences, where groupthink has led to the purging of all politically incorrect propositions and, even worse, of all inconvenient data. The left does not care what is true and does not even believe in truth itself. Its notorious bad scientific predictions show that its science is not science anymore at all, but simply propaganda.

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