Outpouring of Support From Immigrants For Trump’s ‘You Can Leave’ Comments

By Marina Medvin:

Last week, I published a column for TownHall.com entitled “I, Immigrant, Agree With Donald Trump — If You Are Not Happy Here, You Can Leave!”

To be honest, I did not expect much support for my position after seeing the highly critical initial reactions to Trump’s words from conservative commentators. I strongly disagreed with the commentators who disparaged Trump for voicing what I felt was obvious. Unlike these commentators, I felt elated when Trump spoke the truth, confronted the Islamo-Utopians, and told Ilhan Omar to put her money where her mouth is. I published the column because I felt the American people needed to know that at least some immigrants supported President Trump.

To my surprise, I received an overwhelming outpouring of support — from immigrants. Many immigrants, from countries all over the world, have reached out to me, thanking me for representing their ideas, for writing the words that they were thinking. These wonderful, grateful, newly-minted Americans support our president and his America-first policies. They want the American people to understand that legal immigrants wholeheartedly agree with President Trump: if you are not happy here, you can leave.

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