Pandemic Panic Has Magnified The Worst Impulses Of The Power-Hungry Elite

By Stella Morabito:

This pandemic has exposed the motives of our self-appointed betters in D.C. and the media, pushing anti-American policies to give themselves more power.

For all the American people’s common efforts to slow the spread of the coronavirus pandemic, we keep seeing a lot of reckless responses from politicians and propagandists. They continue to shamelessly exploit a national crisis to pursue their own political and personal agendas. Obama-era health care adviser Zeke Emanuel and others are calling for an 18-month shutdown, which is obviously not survivable for America economically or socially.

Media pundits, impervious to the suffering this crisis is causing Americans, persist in trying to use the pandemic to trap President Trump and instill panic. “How many deaths are acceptable, Mr. President?” “Why don’t you shut down the grocery stores, Mr. President?” The list goes on.

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