Taking Congressman Allen West to school

In part 6 we discussed Congressman Paul Ryan’s confusion about the nature of human behavior and homosexuality. Let’s move on to one of my favorite members of Congress, Rep. Allen West from Florida. West has continually spoken strongly and clearly about how this country is on the wrong track and what it needs to do to straighten itself out. Unfortunately, I haven’t seen him defend marriage or properly discuss the culture war that rages all around him. Here’s an unfortunate statement from West on homosexuality quoted in Politico.com:

[A]n increasing number of “conservative” politicians jettisoning concern over the nation’s moral slide — of which tolerance for homosexuality is a symptom — in favor of a more pragmatic approach to their political positions.

Representative Allen West (R-Fla.) demonstrated this “evolving” GOP mindset when he said, as quoted by Politico: “I personally have deep convictions about my children having a financially stable country that they can live in. I want my daughters to have the opportunities that I had, and that’s what concerns me. That’s what keeps me up awake at night, not worrying about who’s sleeping with who.”

I have a lot of respect for the men I’ve mentioned—Paul Ryan and Allen West. But statements like Ryan’s and West’s are inexcusable. If Allen West doesn’t understand the nature of the homosexual issue and how it is incompatible with the First Amendment’s protection of religious liberties, then he should learn or keep quiet when the topic comes up. If he doesn’t understand the importance of marriage, he needs to go to school.

Here’s only a fraction of how the Illinois Family Institute’s Laurie Higgins reacted to West’s comment: “The issue isn’t who’s sleeping with whom,” Laurie wrote, “the issues are:

  • Is marriage a private institution concerned solely with the feelings of those seeking to marry?
  • If not, what are its public purposes?
  • If marriage is a private institution having nothing to do with either gender or procreative potential, why limit it to two people?
  • Why is the government involved in marriage?
  • Is the government involved in marriage in order to affirm sexual attraction and emotional affiliation?
  • Since Col. West apparently believes that homosexuality is an issue that only pertains within individual bedrooms, what does he have to say about public schools attempting to eradicate “heteronormativity” and “gender normativity” through proposed mandatory comprehensive sex ed (National Sexuality Education Standards) and anti-bullying programs?
  • What does he think about adoption agencies–including religious ones–being compelled to place children in the homes of homosexuals or lose government money?
  • What does he think about public schools engaging in absolute censorship of resources that espouse conservative views on the nature and morality of homosexuality?”

Higgins will have more to say to Congressman Allen West in an upcoming op ed.

I’ve written for years on the pages of this website that the number one problem facing our country is the dearth of competent and informed people serving in leadership roles. Ryan and West may do well on most issues they discuss, but they had better move on from their ignorance about the culture war or all of their other efforts will be for naught.

America will not have a growing, healthy economy if our cultural decay continues. And Allen West, a retired military man, should know that this country will not be able to defend itself against foreign threats if we’re morally bankrupt.

Hillsdale College professor Paul Rahe recently said something that both Paul Ryan and Allen West need to hear:

“Religious freedom is the root of modern liberty. Crush the former and you can easily crush the latter.”

Up next: WhyA Queer Thing Happened to America.”

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