PC, Whiny Babies, and the Death of Education

Here’s Bill Muehlenberg writing over at Culture Watch:

Everywhere in the West today we see the decline of the great universities, and the death of education in general. Instead of proper teaching and learning, we find indoctrination, propaganda, political correctness, and grown up cry babies who throw hissy fits about everything that does not strike their fancy.

We have managed to totally turn education on its head. It used to be primarily a case of preparing young men and women for responsible lives and careers in society, and to polish up their character as well. The truth is, the Judeo-Christian worldview gave rise to modern education and the great universities.

Indeed, many of the great American universities began as places to prepare Christian pastors and missionaries. Simply looking at the mottoes of some of the great US institutions of learning demonstrates this. Consider just a few:

-Harvard University, founded in 1636, had this as its original motto: Veritas Christo et Ecclesiae (Truth for Christ and for the Church).

-Yale University, founded in 1701: Lux et Veritas (Light and Truth)

-Princeton University, founded in 1746: Dei Sub Numine Viget (Under the Protection of God She Flourishes)

That was once what education was all about. But now most institutions of higher learning have been gutted by secular left activism, political correctness, and a generation of spoiled brats who think they are owed a living by the rest of society.

As Mark Steyn lamented in After America (2011): “The massive expansion of American education is evidence not of progress but of its exact opposite – its decay into ideological factory farms. It’s a progressive 4-H: Hogwash, Hypersensitivity, Habituation, Homogeneity – for the price of which you wind up in Hock.”

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